Descriptive and factual summaries



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Descriptive and factual summaries
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The Work summaries are descriptive and factual summaries of major pieces of work that you have undertaken.

  1. Each Work Summary should introduce the service or carer(s), providing socio-demographic background information and explaining the service user’s circumstances at the point of referral and/or allocation to you.
  2. The Work Summary should outline the purpose of your intervention and the direct work that you undertook.
  3. It should indicate the frequency of contact with the service user and the length of time that you worked with the service user.
  4. The Work Summary should explain the outcome(s) of the work you undertook and whether the case has been closed, allocated to another worker or referred to another team or service.



  1. Each Work Summary should introduce the service or carer(s), providing socio-demographic background information and explaining the service user’s circumstances at the point of referral and/or allocation to you.
  • 3 years-old Z, and 1-year old Y, are Asian Bangladeshi girls who are subject to a CIN Plan. Their expectant mother is pregnant with her third child, also subject to a CIN Plan. There remain some concerns around decline in her mental health with her current pregnancy, due to past history. Nevertheless, there are no indications of the children being at risk of significant harm. Father is a protective factor for the children and plays an active role.
  • Previous assessment identified the family to have no legal status and are subject to immigration with no recourse to public funds (NRPF). For this reason, they were considered destitute with the parents and the parents are unable to meet the children’s needs without support under S17. As a result, accommodation and subsistence was provided by the Local Authority under S17 of the Children Act (CA), 1989.








  1. The Work Summary should outline the purpose of your intervention and the direct work that you undertook.

Purpose of intervention:

  • My purpose of intervention was to support the family, to make an application for a MAT Early Help support service. Prior to applying for the MAT Early Help support, I telephoned dad, and shared a draft version of the referral form, in which he made an informed decision to exclude an element of information to protect his privacy. This enabled me to make an appropriate information sharing.
  • Pertinent to the families presented need


  • for an allocation of a FSW, who will work with the family to refer/link them to local support services such as speech and language therapist and nursery admission for Z, activities for Y to attend at the Children’s Centre, and parenting support for the parents.


  • I drew upon relevant key information from various sources such as the service users casefile pertaining their presented situation.
  • Drawing on relevant key information, I successfully completed the MAT referral form, thereafter, advocated for the family by attending a telephone consultation, and a MAT Chair Panel, prior to the family being allocated of a FSW
  • As a result of my advocacy, the family were allocated a FSW who will support and work with them, to connect with local support services.
  • I have been responsible for maintaining and documenting case files/record,

Direct work undertaken:

  • I undertook Statutory CIN Home Visits face to face and virtually every four weeks, to assess and observe the family, to check on the welfare of mother and unborn child and wellbeing of the children. In addition, as a joint decision between the family and I, I undertook weekly contact with the family. Undertaking Statutory CIN Visits presented me the opportunity to direct work with the children through play, and using flash cards with pictures and words, to ascertain their speech and language development and general interaction.
  • Moreover, I scheduled, chaired, and took minutes for CIN Review meetings attended by the service user’s and their professional network every six weeks. With reference to CIN Plan, to exchange, update and information share between professional network involved with the family. To establish and reviewing previous meetings actions and identify gaps where actions have not been met.
  • I created mother’s unborn baby profile on MOSIAC system. Due to child Z & Y being on CIN Plan, there is a likelihood that unborn baby, will also be placed on a CIN Plan. Moreover, I created a single assessment for the unborn baby, in addition, updated the childrens single assessment.
  • As best practice, I regularly communicated with the service users’ and their professional network, information sharing on significant changes pertaining the service users’ and to raise any concerns I may have.


  1. It should indicate the frequency of contact with the service user and the length of time that you worked with the service user.
  • The frequency of contact as a statutory obligation occurred every four weeks during Statutory CIN Visits and NRPF CIN Review Meetings every 12 weeks, with an addition of weekly contact amongst.

The Work Summary should explain the outcome(s) of the work you undertook and whether the case has been closed, allocated to another worker or referred to another team or service.

Outcome of work undertaken:

  • The outcome of this case is currently ongoing, until HO decision is made. The family were allocated a FSW and are receiving local support services. Z is attending nursery and Y is attending online activities. In addition, the mum and dad are receiving parenting classes




  1. Each Work Summary should introduce the service or carer(s), providing socio-demographic background information and explaining the service user’s circumstances at the point of referral and/or allocation to you.


  • X is a 4-year-old, Bangladeshi Boy and is subject to CIN Plan. At the time of referral X resided with his mother, father, and paternal grandmother. It was identified that X has witnessed high level of abuse from baby and subsequently presents signs of autism and has no sense of danger. He currently is out of education, requiring nursery placement, speech, and language therapy.


  • The family are known to Children’s Social Care (CSC) due to a referral from Children’s Centre, expressing concerns of mother’s disclosure of domestic abuse perpetrated by her husband, in which she fled. Mother is subject to immigration with no recourse to public funds (NRPF). As a result, accommodation and NRPF subsistence is provided under S17 of the CA, 1989.


  1. The Work Summary should outline the purpose of your intervention and the direct work that you undertook.
  • Purpose of intervention: I took lead on the case, and collaboratively joint worked with the FSW, mothers Solicitor and my PE who supervised my work. The purpose of my intervention was to collaborative joint work with the Solicitor for mum to apply for settled status in UK, which will enable her access to public funds once a decision has been made by the HO. Collaboratively working with the FSW for mum to apply for benefits, housing, nursery placement and for refer X to speech and language therapy assessment.

Direct work undertaken:

  • I undertook direct work with X, in a child centred way through playful interaction and conversation. This intervention was successful, as I was able to engage with and gain his attention.
  • I worked in a person-centred way with the mum, and ascertained wishes, thoughts, and feelings, with regards to safeguarding concerns during contact between X and his father (B).


  • Under S.17 of the CA, 1989 I was responsible for providing NRPF cash advance payments every two weeks. under the CA 1989, until a prepayment card has been processed. Once in receipt of her prepayment card, I supported mother to activate her card to access her funds. Thence, mother informed me of a substantial sum exceeding her usual payment. I communicated with the Business Admin Officers for clarification whether the amount is made in an error or mother is entitled to the sum
  • I was responsible for keeping professional network up to date, keeping files up to date, writing case notes of significant contact, visit and communication made.
  • Due to mother fleeing from domestic abuse, as part of my professional and personal development, I identified training need and attended Coercive Control and Engaging with Perpetrators Training. This enhanced my knowledge, to help me identify coercive behaviours and to manage risks, to recognise individual characteristics of domestic abuse (DA) and the impact coercive behaviours have on the survivor of DA.

-Knowledge gained from the said training helped inform the telephone conversation I had with B, who expressed that CSC’s intervention had ‘ripped his family apart’ and overall shared feelings of helplessness.  I was able to acknowledge his feelings of powerlessness whilst also explaining to him the role of CSC and the paramount need to promote and safeguard children. I managed this confrontational and emotional conversation diligently.

  • I collaboratively joint worked with mother and the FSW, regularly communicating to obtain and update on the progress of mother’s welfare benefit application, housing and X’s school admissions application. PCF2
  • I demonstrated information sharing with mother’s Solicitor in a respectful manner and evidenced my ability to practice in an organisational context and with accountability, by arranging interpreting services to communicate with mother, to gain consent. As best practice, I emailed the Agencies Legal Services to seek advice around consent, with request for information sharing with the solicitor. As advised, I requested the Form of Authority (FoA) as confirmation of mother’s consent from the Solicitor.  For clarification, I contacted the service user and queried whether she had prior knowledge of the Solicitors request and if they consented. The service user confirmed she was unaware, thus, consented, and authorised that I forward the document.
  • I wrote a supporting letter in support of mother’s immigration application to the HO, with request from the Solicitor. Upon mother’s receipt of HO decision under DVV, with limited Leave to Remain. I wrote an eviction notice letter. Prior to serving the notice, I had a telephone conversation with the service user to reassure and explain reasons for being served. Informing her that her current status under DVV entitles her to public funds, and part of the process requires CSC to inform the Local Authority they will no longer provide her with services, and for them to know when they are to provide her with services.


  • I completed housing referral form with the Local Authority. I collaboratively joint worked with the service user and the Housing Officer, advocating on behalf of the service user by drawing on relevant key information in support of her application. Moreover, I supported mother with some aspects of the application she was required to complete. Due to the complexity of the form which mother found difficult to complete, I gained her consent and completed the form on her behalf.


  •  I emailed the FSW who previously revealed to apply for school admissions and Universal Credit upon mothers HO decision, for an update on whether she applied for Child Benefit whilst applying for school admission and UC. As informed this task was not completed.


  • I had a telephone conversation with X’s nursery and was informed a call was made from childs previous school, in the borough he resided with paternal father. Nursery was queried about X and whether he was attending the nursery. Manager and I were concerned about safeguarding in which I contacted mum to query further. Mother disclosed to have had several phone calls previously and with a recent call the day before our communication. Mother and I discussed safety plan for when she is out in the community. I seek management advice, and am advised to contact the school in question for clarification. I contact the school and they confirm it was them who had made the call in order to forward child’s file over to the current school







  1. It should indicate the frequency of contact with the service user and the length of time that you worked with the service user.

Frequency of contact:

  • I undertook Statutory CIN Visit every 4 Weeks, to check on the well-being of X, and welfare of mum. Thus, undertaking NRPF CIN Reviews every 12 weeks, attended by the service users and multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams involved, to exchange and update information. In addition, undertaking weekly contact to check-in with mum and X.

Length of time working with the SU:

  • I handled the case from the commencement of my placement to the end of placement.
  1. The Work Summary should explain the outcome(s) of the work you undertook and whether the case has been closed, allocated to another worker or referred to another team or service.


  • HO granted mother limited Leave to Remain under DVV, with access to public funds, thus has lodged an application for ILR and is awaiting a decision. Mother is receiving support from the agencies Outreach Team with claims for UC. FSW is supporting with claims for CHB and mother has been referred to Housing with a Local Authority who will take care of her and X’s housing needs. In addition, X is attending nursery



Child V & W

  1. Each Work Summary should introduce the service or carer(s), providing socio-demographic background information and explaining the service user’s circumstances at the point of referral and/or allocation to you.
  • Father reported to the Duty MASH SW that a disagreement ensued over the use of a bathroom, between his wife and the landlady lead, which lead to the Landlady assaulting his wife, making threats to kill her. As a result, Police are called by the landlady and the family are placed in a hotel. Father made a housing application and was informed he and his family did not qualify for public housing due to their immigration status of NRPF. As a result, CSC provided accommodation under S.17 of the Children Act 1989, without subsistence as father is working full time. Child W is a 5-year-old boy who attends primary school, and his brother child V, is a one-year old boy and subject to a CIN Plan.


Mother is known to CHMT and is on medication (Mirtazapine, Quetiapine and Venlafaxine as prescribed), with no concerns to suffer from post-natal depression, although she appears withdrawn. She is reviewed every six months by the Doctor and is in contact with the CMHT every 3 months.  socio-demographically the family are Bangladeshi nationals, with pending application at the HO for Discretionary Leave to Remain.


  1. The Work Summary should outline the purpose of your intervention and the direct work that you undertook.

Purpose of intervention:

  • I took lead and collaboratively joint worked the case with my Practice Educator. The purpose of my intervention was to ascertain and provide support services. Thus, to ensure W continues to regularly attend school, to refer V to stimulating support services, to joint work with the CMHT worker, and assess mother’s needs to ascertain and provide the family with meaningful support services.

Direct work undertaken:

  • I undertook direct work with the children in a child centred way through play and with the use of flash cards with pictures of various emotions and sports activity to ascertain their thoughts wishes and feelings. I worked in a person-centred way with the parents, to ascertain their wishes, thoughts, and feelings throughout my intervention.
  • As part of my statutory obligation, I scheduled and undertook Statutory CIN Visits Virtually and face to face every four weeks, thus, held CIN Review Meetings every six weeks with multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams involved with the family, effectively information sharing and updating on the family’s presented circumstance.
  • My concerns of mother’s mental well-being prompted me to undertake face to face home visit, to assess and ascertain her situation with the use of an Interpreter. Thence
  • Drawing on key information and the family’s presented circumstance, I advocated to W’s school, with proposal for an earlier start time for breakfast club.


  • I professionally networked with mother’s CMHT for an update on the progress of their intervention, and to inform them of my concerns regarding her mental well-being.

Provided with support service details by the CMHT, I emailed the Bangladeshi Mental Health Organisation, advocated on behalf of mother, and as a result, one to one support was offered

  • I undertook a joint face to face home visit with my PE, to check on mother’s mental well-being and the well-being of the children, to ascertain mother’s presented circumstances and how best to support



  1. It should indicate the frequency of contact with the service user and the length of time that you worked with the service user.


Frequency of contact:

  • Frequency of contact was undertaken during Statutory CIN Visit every 4 Weeks, and CIN Reviews every 6 weeks. In addition, undertaking weekly contact that was a joint decision between the family and I.

Length of time worked on the case:

The case was allocated from the onset of my placement which I held to the end of my placement

  1. The Work Summary should explain the outcome(s) of the work you undertook and whether the case has been closed, allocated to another worker or referred to another team or service.



  • Father consistently takes W to breakfast club and regularly attends school.
  • Mother has shown a desire to attend the Bangladeshi MH Workshop support service
  • The case is ongoing with CSC taking lead until HO decision has been made.


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