Hosting pet vaccination clinics

The purpose of this proposal is to introduce the idea for the Municipality of Anchorage to host pet vaccination clinics via animal control once to twice a month. This would allow the community to have affordable and easy access to vaccinations for their pets. I am submitting this proposal based on research of the community, the importance of vaccinations, and the need for a vaccination clinic.
To accomplish this, I first gathered what aspects of a vaccination clinic I would need to research. This included the importance of vaccines in pets, how the community is already receiving vaccines, and the cost of the clinic for the municipality.
My findings were that the majority of the community does see value in keeping their pets’ vaccines up to date. Although the people of Anchorage are concerned for their pets’ health, they do expect to pay a minimum amount for vaccines, especially for healthy pets. In my research, I did discover through an expense report that a low-cost vaccine clinic could be too costly to the municipality. With this insight, I believe we could still have an affordable clinic and vaccinate more pets per hour or have local veterinarian staff donate their hours once a month.
I appreciate your attention towards the feasibility of a low-cost vaccination clinic to provide a convenient way to make the pets of Anchorage safer. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Emily Fine at [email protected].
Zebadiah Kraft, MA
Municipality of Anchorage Animal Control
Emily Fine
April 20, 2021
Proposal for Low-cost Pet Vaccination Clinic
Feasibility of a Low-Cost
Pet Vaccination Clinic
in Anchorage
Prepared for: Zebadiah Kraft, MA
Instructor of Technical Writing
University of Alaska Anchorage
Prepared by: Emily Fine
April 20, 2021
Feasibility of a Low-Cost
Vaccination Pet Clinic
in Anchorage
Prepared by: Emily Fine
On March 23, 2020, Prof. Zebadiah Kraft, instructor of Technical Writing at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA), asked the students of Writing A212 205 to create a feasibility study on a particular topic that impacts UAA or the Municipality of Anchorage. Based on personal experience in the veterinary field, a proposal for a low-cost vaccination clinic for pets through Anchorage animal control was submitted. The proposer began by researching the local veterinary field and interviewing professionals in the field. Then, community outreach was performed to understand the opinions of the citizens of Anchorage. The local community pet owners were helpful and receptive to participate in an online survey. Pet owners value their pet’s health and the majority sees value in vaccinations. Next, the proposer outlined the cost of accommodating a low-cost clinic at animal control. An evaluation of costs was presented in an expense report outlining the overhead cost. It was established that community volunteer involvement in the veterinary field would prove to be more cost effect. It is presented that a limited amount of low-cost vaccination clinics is implemented to gage success and more precise research on the feasibility of a monthly clinic long term.
Keywords: community, low-cost clinic, pet owners, value
Table of Contents
Abstract ………………………………………………………………………………………. 3
Executive Summary ……………………………………………………………………….. 5
Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………. 6
Research Methods ………………………………………………………………………… 7
Tasks …………………………………………………………………………………………… 7
Results ………………………………………………………………………………………. 10
Questionnaire Results ………………………………………………………………….. 10
Conclusion …………………………………………………………………………………. 12
Need for easier access to affordable pet vaccines …………………………….. 12
Cost of a vaccination clinic ……………………………………………………………. 12
Recommendations ………………………………………………………………………. 13
Larger community outreach ………………………………………………………….. 13
Test run clinics …………………………………………………………………………….. 13
References …………………………………………………………………………………. 14
Appendix A: Anchorage Pet Vaccination Questionnaire …………………….. 15
Executive Summary
The limited number of veterinary clinics and the long wait times for appointments influenced a feasibility report on the Municipality of Anchorage animal control hosting a low-cost vaccination clinic each month. To determine the interest, community need, and overhead cost of operating such a clinic research was initiated.
Currently, Anchorage has fifteen veterinary clinics or hospitals with 67% of the population owning a pet that requires vaccinations. With the long out scheduling of the local clinics for routine vaccinations and the costly exam fees, it was determined that the community would benefit from a low-cost vaccination clinic each month.
To gather this information, a survey was submitted to the community. It was concluded that the citizens of Anchorage value their pets’ health and the majority keeps the vaccinations up to date. A large amount of responses did agree that they expect to pay less per vaccination and that paying the exam fee can deter them from getting the proper vaccines recommended by veterinarians. A study of the operation cost was implemented. It was discovered that staffing a veterinarian and a technician at the average salary would be too costly to keep the vaccination cost low. It proved to be more feasible to establish a volunteer program for the local veterinary professionals to volunteer time or to take a minimal salary in order to keep the clinic cost low.
It is recommended that the Municipality of Anchorage establish a trial run of a low-cost vaccination clinic at animal control. This would allow for more accurate results of the overhead cost and the interest of the community. It is also recommended that critique and comments from the community and veterinary professionals be considered.
On Tuesday, March 23, 2021 Mr. Kraft asked us to create a feasibility report on a certain topic in the Anchorage community. With my experience in the industry, I decided to research the need for a low-cost pet vaccination clinic in the municipality. Anchorage has a large pet population. Specifically, dogs and cats, however there are a limited number of veterinary clinics in the area. In the Municipality of Anchorage there are only fifteen veterinary clinics with an average of 67% of households owning a pet. Many clinics cannot accommodate new pet owners, or are having to book out routine vaccinations and wellness exams several weeks, even months. Veterinarians suggest that for kittens and puppies, the owner maintains a strict vaccination timeline, however with the amount of overwhelmed animal clinics this is not possible. Many other cities have adopted low-cost vaccination clinics once or twice a month. This allows pressure to be taken off the local animal hospitals, and for the community to have access to low-cost vaccines. Anchorage would greatly benefit from this option through local animal control.
Currently in Anchorage the only facility to vaccinate your pet is a veterinarian clinic or emergency hospital. There is already a shortage of veterinarians in the state due to their being no educational program for future veterinarians or veterinarian technicians within the state. This means that facilities have to recruit outside the state of Alaska to bring veterinarian professionals to the area. This being said, veterinarians are overwhelmed with patients and pet parents are frustrated with not being able to schedule an appointment. Also, it is costly for a pet owner to take a healthy pet to the veterinarian for just one simple vaccine and be charged for an exam fee as well. In 2019 it was reported that Americans spent over $75 billion in pet care, including, food, medication, care, grooming and boarding. It is a costly industry and there is a need for a more affordable preventive healthcare for pets. The best healthcare prevention is vaccinations and yearly exams.
A monthly vaccine clinic at the animal shelter would allow pet parents to take their pets on time for their vaccines, as well as save money. Access to pet vaccines is important. Rabies vaccine is required by law. If an owner has to book several weeks or months out for a rabies and the animal is in an accident with another pet, then the unvaccinated pet’s owner would be held liable. That can come with costly fees and fines, and the potential for their pet to be taken away. Secondly, other vaccinations such distemper parvovirus for canines is highly important for their health, as well as other pets they come into contact with. Both are highly contagious and parvovirus can remain live, in dirt, or on other surfaces for up to one year. It attacks the immune system and for younger dogs is often fatal. If an older female dog has parvo, she can pass it on to her puppies consequently putting them in extreme health danger. Another consideration is treating these diseases are vastly expensive, when a vaccine can prevent it for twenty dollars.
Research Methods
I have created a survey questionnaire to ask the students in the class, as well as our community, to describe their experience with vaccination care with their pets. With the survey results I will have a better understanding of the need for a low-cost vaccination clinic.
Task 1: Gather research on local and community support
First, the need to conduct research and surveys on the support for the community. Does the community see the need for a low-cost vaccination clinic? Do they prefer to see their own personal veterinarian for vaccines? Will the community take advantage of the opportunity?
I created a questionnaire on Survey Monkey to gather information within the community. I wanted a better understanding on what pet owners expect when updating their pet’s vaccinations, how much the intend to pay, and if they prefer a full exam or just accessibility to vaccinations. I created a six-question survey to gather the data needed. Below is the listed questions and data results from the survey.
Question 1: Do you own a pet here in Anchorage?
Question 2: Are your pets’ vaccinations current?
Question 3: Have you had scheduling issues for current vaccinations here in Anchorage?
Question 4: Do you think paying for an exam plus vaccinations is too costly?
Question 5: Do you see value in keeping your pets’ vaccinations up to date?
Question 6: How much do you expect to pay for vaccinations?
Task 2: Weigh out the cost of the vaccination clinic
The cost of the monthly vaccination clinic would have to be formulated. Can the city afford the labor and materials it would take? Animal control would have to make space as well in their facility to host the clinic. The cost report will detail every foreseeable expense.
According to a recent market forecast for the American veterinary field it is predicted that the market will reach $2.55 billion by 2025. A market increase in 4.93%. There is a growing need for veterinary care with the large number of persons adopting pets, more than ever before. There is already a shortage of veterinary professionals meaning that the ability to provide basic core vaccinations at the proper recommend age will become increasingly harder to schedule and more costly. The average cost for core vaccines is $87 and ranging from $75-$100. Basic puppy and kitten vaccinations require a series of around five vaccines. This can be very difficult to schedule with an overbooked veterinarian and industry, as well as paying for an exam fee of $50-$100 every visit.
I have researched the average costs incorporated with a vaccine clinic. I have researched the average salary per hour for veterinary professionals including a veterinarian and a veterinary technician. I also used a clinic’s wholesale cost of the vaccines. Attached is an expense report laying out the costs. I based the cost on a vaccine clinic operating for 8 hours and vaccinating four pets an hour, fifteen minutes each. However, how many pets would depend potentially on the veterinarian.
Vaccination Clinic Expenses
Expense Report
To plan expenses for a low-cost vaccination clinic
Expense Description Cost Quantity Total Veterinarian Average salary of a veterinarian per hour $46.00 8 $ 368.00 Vet Tech Average salary of a veterinarian technician per hour $ 17.63 8 $ 141.04 Rabies Vaccine Cost of rabies vaccine per 25 doses based on 4 doses/hour $ 3.01 32 $ 96.32 K9 DA2PP Vaccine Cost of DA2PP vaccine based on 16 doses per clinic $ 4.57 16 $ 73.12 Feline FVRCP Vaccine Cost of FVRCP vaccine based on 16 doses per clinic $ 3.60 16 $ 57.60 Rabies Tags Cost of rabies tags $ 0.30 32 $ 9.60
$ 745.68
Total income if charging $10 per vaccine
$ 640.00
Expense/Income ratio
$ (105.68)
Figure 1. Expense Report highlighting the average overhead costs of a low-cost vaccination clinic
Task 3: Analyze data on community report
After collecting data, I had to analyze the community research and establish a recommendation for the city. I evaluated research from the surveys collected, as well as research from local veterinarians and the community need for a vaccination clinic. I used peers in the veterinary field, as well as online veterinary journals to collect data on statistics of vaccinations in the United States as well as Anchorage. For collecting community data, I used a platform called Survey Monkey to anonymously analyze local opinion on pet vaccinations in Anchorage. I then concluded the data and outlined it in my results.
Questionnaire Results
After receiving the results of the questionnaire, I had to analyze the results to determine the community need and opinions of pet vaccinations here in Anchorage. I had a series of six questions with multiple choice answers.
Question 1: Do you own a pet here in Anchorage?
An overwhelming 92% of the survey participants said that they own a pet here in Anchorage. This proves that there is a large population with pets and that there is a need for veterinary preventative care. Based on the data, it appears that most of the people who took the survey own a pet in Anchorage municipality.
Question 2: Are your pets’ vaccinations current?
The results of this question showed that also 92% of owners who took the survey have their pets’ vaccinations up to date. This relays that owners prefer to have their pets’ vaccinations current and see value in doing so. With the growing number of new pets in the area and not an increase in veterinary hospitals, there will be a larger need and a faster turn around in pet vaccinations. It appears that most pet owners do well and prefer to make sure their pets’ vaccinations are up to date.
Question 3: Have you had scheduling issues for current vaccinations here in Anchorage?
As we have seen, most pet owners expect to keep their vaccines current. However, a larger percentage does have problems scheduling vaccines within the vaccination schedule at local clinics. 20% of participants stated they had a hard time scheduling vaccinations at a local veterinarian clinic.
Question 4: Do you think paying for vaccinations plus exam is too costly?
In the previous questions we have concluded that current pet owners in Anchorage, do have current vaccinations for their pet however, in this question 57% of owners believe that vaccines plus an exam fee is too costly. The municipality requires that owners have their dogs, cats, and ferrets over four months of age vaccinated for rabies. Not doing so can results in costly fines from the municipality. Veterinarians also recommend several other vaccines to prevent major health issues for pets in the future. If every time an owner has to pay an exam fee for one vaccine, it can be extremely unaffordable and costly. We can see that most pet owners vaccinate their pets, but over half believe it is too expensive to have a full health exam every time their pet needs a vaccination.
Figure 2. States’ rabies vaccination requirements
Question 5: Do you see value in keeping your pets’ vaccinations up to date?
As we can tell from these results, owners want to keep their pets’ vaccinations up to date. They see value and care about their pets’ health. This shows that there is a need for easy, affordable access to vaccines.
Question 6: How much do you expect to pay for vaccinations?
These results show that the majority of owners are expecting to pay as low as $10 a vaccine all the way up to having an exam with the vaccinations, showing a wide opinion. The option of having a low-cost clinic to go to would help the people that prefer to have an exam with every vaccine be able to schedule on time vaccinations for their pets. More than 35% of the participants expect to pay less that $20 for vaccines. This concludes that there is interest in a low-cost clinic that offers these prices. Most veterinarian clinics, vaccines range from $45-$100.
Figure 3: Amount survey participants expect to pay for pet vaccinations
Less than $10 a
Less than $10 avaccinevaccine
Between $10-$20
Between $10-$20
More than $20
More than $20
I prefer to have an
I prefer to have anexam withexam withvaccinationsvaccinations
In this section, the results of our research are presented related to the need and feasibility of a successful low-cost vaccination clinic for pets here in Anchorage.
Need for easier access to affordable pet vaccines
Based on the results presented through the questionnaire, the community values the prevention of diseases for their pets with yearly vaccinations. The average that the citizens would like to pay for vaccines is $20 or less. Below the average cost at a veterinarian clinic. With these results it is believed that there is a large interest in the community for a low-cost monthly clinic.
Cost of a vaccination clinic
By gathering averages of the cost of supplies and salaries of the expenses of providing a monthly clinic it was concluded that the expense is greater than the income. To help overcome this obstacle it is suggested that with the help of local veterinarian staff potentially volunteering their time once a month this would help offset this expense. This would allow for the cost of the vaccinations to remain a low expense for the community.
With these conclusions, there is a need for more accessible pet vaccines in the community. Anchorage would benefit from a low-cost vaccination clinic, occurring monthly at animal control.
After thoroughly researching the feasibility of a low-cost pet vaccination clinic, there are a few recommendations to continue to research.
Larger community outreach
In order to have an accurate idea of how the community would respond to a low-cost vaccine clinic, further research should be conducted. Although, my research was thorough it reached a small selection of citizens in Anchorage. Anchorage has many different communities and conducting surveys through each area would be beneficial to what pet owners expect. This can be done via the municipality and animal control website or social media pages.
Test run clinics
To make sure that a monthly vaccine clinic is feasible, I recommend that a limited number of test run clinics be performed. This way accurate cost of supplies and manpower to make the clinic successful can be recorded. I suggest taking an inventory of exactly what supplies were needed, how many, and the total cost at each test clinic. This would create a more accurate expense report and show the validity of continuing the vaccination clinics over an extended period of time. This will also allow a gauge of the community and how many citizens would actually take advantage of the clinic. This would also allow veterinarians to volunteer and to gain their feedback on future low-cost clinics. This would be the most accurate way to establish a system that would be cost effective and beneficial to the Anchorage community.
Society, Metro East Humane. “How Your Pets Can Benefit From MEHS’ Low-Cost Vaccine and Microchip Clinics.” MEHS, MEHS, 6 Mar. 2019,
Burke, Anna. “What Every Owner Should Know About Parvo in Dogs.” American Kennel Club, American Kennel Club, 7 Mar. 2018,,for%20up%20to%20one%20year.
Kramer, Mary Hope. “Here’s What You Need to Start a Low Cost Spay or Neuter Clinic.” The Balance Careers,
Carlson, E. (2020, February 12). Dog Vaccinations Cost 2020 – Average Prices. Southwest Veterinary Clinic.
Facts + Statistics: Pet statistics. III Insurance Information Institute. (n.d.).,Pet%20Products%20Association%20(APPA).
Meeusen, E. N. T., Walker, J., Peters, A., Pastoret, P.-P., & Jungersen, G. (2007, July 1). Current Status of Veterinary Vaccines. Clinical Microbiology Reviews.
ltd, M. D. F. (n.d.). North America Veterinary Vaccines Market Analysis: 2020 to 2025: United States, Canada. Market Data Forecast.
Appendix A: Anchorage Pet Vaccination Questionnaire
This is the questionnaire that was distributed throughout the class and the local
community relating to expectations of pet vaccinations in Anchorage.
1. Do you own a pet here in Anchorage?
2. Are your pets’ vaccinations current?
3. Have you had scheduling issues for current vaccinations here in Anchorage? 0
4. Do you think paying for an exam plus vaccinations is too costly?
5. Do you see value in keeping your pets’ vaccinations up to date?
6. How much do you expect to pay for vaccinations?
less than $10 a vaccine
between $10-$20
more than $20
I prefer to have an exam with my vaccinations
Other (please specify)

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