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Industry Analysis on the food market
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  1. Industry Analysis


The food market is evolving. With the global health and wellness food market expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.49% between 2013-2018, companies are going to have to reevaluate their ingredients and food to determine whether they are going to provide a health or benefit to drive business from picky consumers (Market Research, 2021).


The global health and wellness market reached a value of US$ 3.31 Billion in 2020. Health and wellness refer to the state of complete wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit. Some of the important aspects of the health and wellness industry include personal care/beauty, nutrition, weight management, fitness, preventive/personalized medicine, etc. Apart from this, services based on wellness real estate, wellness tourism, health spas and thermal and mineral springs are also offered to consumers and form an integral operational part of the industry (Diet Food & Weight Loss, 2021)


The growing prevalence of chronic lifestyle diseases across the globe is one of the key factors driving the growth of the market. Owing to the sedentary lifestyles and hectic schedules, the prevalence of diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, arthritis, cancer, dementia and other stress-related disorders has increased significantly. This has encouraged the masses to adopt various healthcare activities, including yoga, meditation and athletics (Research and Markets, 2021).


Other factors, including rapid urbanization and rising disposable incomes, along with the increase in the number of health-conscious consumers across the globe, are projected to drive the market further. Looking forward, IMARC Group expects the global health and wellness market to reach a value of US$ 4.24 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 4.10% during 2021-2026 (Research and Markets, 2021).


Figure 1- Health and wellness food market value worldwide from 2016 – 2021 (Food & Nutrition, 2021)


  1. Company Overview


The company will be an “Umbrella company” with three variants:


  1. Healthy meal plan: This company will include an app where one will pay a weekly/monthly fee through a subscription, where one can order between five to fifteen meals for the week. There will be available options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One day of the previous week one wishes to receive their order, example order Thursday to receive Sunday, the customer will have options for every day from a specialized menu and the company will deliver everything ready to serve. Customers will only have to heat their meal and enjoy it. The meals will be more designated to families outside of interstate 465 in Indiana, where food trucks will deliver the meals. However, within interstate 465, this will be designated more so to groups where they will use the app for services.


Collaboration with nutritionist will be utilized to find the correct balance in all of our meals. Additionally, personnel trainers will assist in advising about the nutrients essential to prospective clients.


  1. Food Truck: The company will deliver the products to different places across Indiana. Taking the app information, the team will inquire with potential customers about the type of meals they would like to see within the food trucks. From here, the team will choose the weekly top ten meals and sell them into the food trucks.


  1. Corporate catering: when there are large meetings, certain meetings offer some kind of lunch to their attendees, we will offer easy-healthy food to cover these needs. Offered meals will be based on the app menu. The menu located on our app will be the same as our food truck. However, for corporate catering, businesses will be offered more options to choose from.



  1. Situational Analysis



Strengths (S) Weaknesses (W)
Primary Strengths

·         Offer different services.

·         Personalized service

·         Low expenses

·         Product differentiation

·         Rapid response to customer demands


Secondary Strengths

·         Calculated expenses

·         With company variants we can reach different markets


Primary Weaknesses

·         Limited budget

·         Transportation Costs





Secondary Weaknesses

·         May not be able to expand.

·         New to market


Opportunities (O) Threats (T)
Primary Opportunities

·         Growing market

·         COVID-19

·         People looking for healthier products.

·         Not being too developed in Indiana


Secondary Opportunities

·         Spending behavior


Primary Threats

·         Government regulations

·         Unemployment rate




Secondary Threats

·         Employment returning to workplace.

·         Competition with others food delivery apps

·         Economic Downturn




  1. Target Market


Our Target Market is people who enjoy a busy lifestyle and are looking for a healthy, convenient, and delicious food. We will focus our efforts and services towards meeting the nutritional guidelines for the general population as well as for high people with higher calorie/protein needs.


In the first stage, we will focus on the Indiana state market, especially in high- and medium-income household, will be people generally between the age of 25 and 64 which represent over 50% of Indiana population and an under segment will be people married without children and people living alone which if combined represent almost 70% of total population.


For this stage, we will focus in 5 of its major cities: Indianapolis (13% of tot. population), Fort Wayne (4%), Carmel (1.5%), Fishers (1.4%), Noblesville (1.0%) and Westfield (0.6%).


Target market in numbers:


Hamilton Marion Total
Population (2019) 338,011 964,582 1,302,593
Projected Population (2030) 435,321 993,289 1,428,610
Adults (25 – 64) 178,500 513,000 691,500
Targeted household 61,500 220,800 282,300
Per Capita Income $77,263 $54,405
Poverty Rate 4.2% 15.2%
Labor Force (employed) 180,004 476,851 656,855



Indiana has a Per Capita Personal Income (2019) of $48,678 and poverty rate of 11.9% and almost 50% of its population (3.2 MM) is employed.


Target Market Rationale


According to the Institute for Health Metrics, poor nutrition has nearly three times the impact on health as low fitness. While more than two-thirds of the U.S. population classified as obese and 86 million Americans struggling with pre-diabetes, the need for better, more accessible nutrition education is evident.


One of the biggest inhibitors to intentional eating is the workplace. Work for most people is stressful and mentally draining – their schedule can be unpredictable, and they are surrounded by people who are inevitably influencing behavior. Most of us are creatures of habit with daily routines centered around work demands. However, these factors actually make the workplace a prime opportunity to improve our intentional eating game.


Eating with intention requires thought and focus, and it can be hard when there are so many life stresses competing for that mental energy. “How many times have you been starving after a long, stressful day and did not have the energy to think about what foods for dinner would make you feel the best? Or you’ve tried to stick to a certain diet and gotten confused or overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information out there.


Our company will make eating at work/home even easier by providing a wide variety of unquestionably healthy, fully prepared meals that are crafted by specialized chefs advised by nutritionists and other health experts.


  1. Define Product/Service


What make these categories unique (Food truck, Corporate Catering, Health meal plans)- more focus here. Explain each and how can be related one to another. Please no personal pronoun. Thank you!


Fresh & Food extensively outlines its preparation, distribution, value, product, and services it offers and ensures that our delivery is done on time. There is a company application that helps one quickly place their orders and track the progress of their order. Corporate catering, healthy meal plans, and healthy meals are different categorizations of foodstuffs that the company possesses. Fresh & Food delivery is always done in clean large, and modified containers that help maintain one’s prescribed quality throughout the distribution and delivery process. Quality, nutritious and affordable products remain Fresh & Food’s main focus.


Fresh & Natural host their sub-categories: healthy meal plans, food truck, and corporate catering.  Additionally, the company provides meals ranging from breakfast, lunch, and supper. This allows one to place an order in advance of five to fifteen times a week.  In the quest to meeting the customers’ expectations, the company permits one to place an order three days before delivery. Fresh & Natural has also ensured one’s nutrition needs are substantially met by hiring a nutritional specialist to consult before placing their order freely. Fresh & Natural will offer healthy food with low-fat, low-cholesterol, and natural ingredients. The major goal is to create the image of light, satisfying, yet still, nutritious food, using local and regional producers as often as possible. Fresh & Natural believes that too many fried foods limit healthy choices for the public. As a result, the food that will be offered is steamed, sautéed, poached, grilled, roasted or baked, braised or broiled, as well as fried.


Fresh & Natural does delivery across the whole state. The company has also incorporated a food truck system where the best ten popular diets are picked and put into the food truck. The company also specializes in corporate catering. By being aware that the world is more health-conscious than ever, the customers will be looking for menu items that are healthy and delicious. Therefore, the business will offer healthy catering options that will help build customer satisfaction by considering their needs with impressive attention to detail. Moreover, the business has an app available in Play Store and App Store, thus making it easier for one to order services at any time.  The app also helps one track the progress of their order. (see “Core/Core Plus” section).


In the quest to maintain one’s specified needs, Fresh & Natural has been delivering food in an insulated white and sparkling clean carrier. The food is also well packaged to avoid any contamination. Delivery is always done in time to ensure that everything conforms to the customer’s plan.


Fresh & Natural has essential customer-oriented benefits that the customers would admire. First, the company delivers offers a chance to regulate decide on the quality of diet. Moreover, the company has nutritional experts ready to help place an order according to one’s underlying conditions. Second, one can take advantage of the free delivery that is offered throughout Indiana State. Additionally, the company believes in timely delivery that saves time. Traveling to restaurants to make an order is eliminated since orders can be made at the workplace’s comfort using the app.


The clients have confirmed that the meals offered by the business were highly nutritious and natural as well. This quality was achieved through consultation with the nutritional experts. Impeccable communication skills have also ensured that every department functions to meet its expectations.


Unit Selling Proposition (USP)


To attain a competitive advantage, the company has developed a mobile application. This mobile app can open a whole door of opportunities for Fresh & Natural’s services.


The businesses’ target is mainly the persons who have less time to cook. These clients include highly-income couples, persons who travel a lot, and single or young couples. Fresh & Natural looks for ways to serve its potential customers in the wake of COVID-19 safely. Therefore, the company has developed an app that is accessible on different platforms such as App Store and Play Store. The app enables customers to access digital our menu on their mobile devices easily.


Using this app, Fresh & Natural can let its customers view a detailed menu with every item’s information. Also, customers can link to Fresh & Natural’s website that talk about the journey and what makes the business special. Using the app, the customers can even place their orders online and avoid waiting in the queue. The client clicks on the app’s payment options and can either pay with a visa or pay on delivery to make the payments. Therefore, by using this app, the process is much faster and more convenient. Another advantage of using the app is the customer’s ability to track the progress of their orders. The application will show them when their orders are in the preparation, distribution, or delivery stage. Moreover, the application is to get the user feedback through rating, where one is the least score, and five is the least score. This information helps in adjusting the services to satisfy the client fully.


  1. Competitive Analysis


  Hello Fresh Blue Apron Home Chef Purple Carrot
Founded 2011 2012 2013 2014
Overview Online food delivery company. Principal business activity: food delivery and meal plan service Meal kit and food delivery company. They provide a box of pre-portioned fresh ingredients. They deliver plant-based meal kits directly to customer’s door
Product Meal kits. Type of Food: vegetarian, family- friendly, or low-calorie meals. Options include meal plans for carnivores, vegetarians, for those who count their calories, gourmet options, and more. Meals are sub-grouped into signature, vegetarian, healthy, or theirs-an option for consumers to pick four meals. Also, they offer wine. Meal: vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options per menu. They use mostly conventional meat and produce in their kits. Meals are completely vegan- recipes use no animal products.
Pricing The price is dependent upon the frequency of food ordered, as well as the number of people it is ordered for. Ex: weekly cost: $15.94; price per serving for a two-person: $8.99, while ordering for four: $7.49



Meals cost $7.49–$9.99 per serving, depending on the size of the order. Additional $7.99 shipping fee each week.


Meals start at $8.99 per serving depending on the current available menu and options. Dinners cost between $8.99 and $10.99 per serving. Breakfasts (4-servings at $4.49 per serving) and lunches (two servings at $8.99 per serving). They also offer the option of consumer’s purchasing plant-based snacks ranging from $4.39 to $11.99.
Target Market Millennials. (Erica, 2019) Young professionals and families with working parents. (Cleverism: Blue Apron, n.d.) Millennials Millennials
General Marketing strategy Online marketing campaigns in all regional markets—including text or banner advertising on various publisher websites. (Tableau, n.d.) Podcast advertising, referral program: customers may invite others to receive a complimentary meal delivery, and online and offline marketing channels. (Ian, 2018) Mainly, desktop advertising and mobile advertising. They allocate the majority of their ad spend to the big 3 native networks: Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent. (Nickel, 2018) Mainly, digital advertising on Google AdWords and Facebook. (Kramer, 2019)
Strengths ·   Users can place orders from the company’s website as well as their app.

·   Personalized plans

·   Service available in over 15 countries

·   Promoting sustainability.

·   Offers about 22 meals a week.

·   They 12 different meals.

·   Offers a variety of seasonal cuisines.

·   Mobile app

·   Meals are friendly towards those with pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes

·   Offers 14 dinner options and three lunch options per week.

·   Diet friendliness: Caters to vegetarian, as well as carb- and calorie-conscious diets.

·   They deliver meals to 48 states.

·   Mobile app

·   Most packaging is recyclable or reusable.

·   Offers breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

·   Plant-based diets may improve heart health, brain function, and blood sugar levels.

·   Promoting sustainability and uses mostly recyclable packaging.

·   Mobile app

Weaknesses ·    Not breakfast options or advertising them as lunch options as well. ·   Not offering options for breakfast or labeling them as lunch options. ·   Options may be unsuitable for those following restrictive diets or with severe food allergies ·   Limited information on ingredient sourcing

·   Some meals may contain conventional ingredients (Link, 2021)

Table 1Competitive Analysis Framework.


Hello Fresh


Hello Fresh is a company is an online service consumer frequent to purchase meals for their week. They allow consumers to do so through an app. Consumers have the option of setting their app preferences to receive recommendations for themselves based on the following subcategories. Options include meal plans for carnivores, vegetarians, for those who count their calories, gourmet options, and more (Hello fresh, 2021). Hello Fresh has consumers choose between twenty-two or more meals a week. From here, there’s chefs prepare the meals to be delivered to consumers households. Once received, consumers can begin making their meals for the week with the assistance of recipes given. Additionally, consumers are given the option to continue ordering meals for the following weeks, or they can cancel their subscription if not satisfied with their order (Hello Fresh, 2021). Or they have the option to cancel a week if they wish not to receive orders then by alerting their account to pause and the following week can resume ordering again. This has to be done before the next delivery date they’ve set up though. They have four meal plans that consumers can chose from as well (Hello Fresh, 2021). According to their website, they also come up with meals specially designed for consumers with the help of nutritional specialists (Hello Fresh, 2021). Typical meals, calorie wise, can be seen to be up to six-hundred and fifty calories a meal (Hello Fresh, 2021).


Consumers are also given the option to add onto their orders for an additional cost, such as garlic bread as an example (Hello Fresh, 2021). In terms of delivery time, Hello Fresh delivers consumer’s meals to their households across three days (Hello Fresh, 2021). They serve people who reside in the United States, although don’t deliver to those who reside in Alaska or Hawaii. In fact, Hello Fresh service’s is available in over 15 countries across the globe. On every meal prepared and packaged, they also include a nutritional label to include what ingredients went into preparing their meals. For pricing, they have set it up where each serving is seven dollars and forty-nine cents (Hello Fresh, 2021). The recipes and meals included are intended to serve two people within a household, in which three recipes are included for the week. The cost for the weekly order is fifty-three dollars and ninety-four cents (Hello Fresh, 2021). Therefore, they charge their customers on a weekly basis, not monthly for a subscription (Hello Fresh). They don’t give consumers the option of subscribing or not to their service in order to purchase meals.


Many people who have utilized Hello Fresh’s services enjoyed it for their low expenses and flexibility. Some utilize their service in replacement of going grocery shopping or out to eat as a result. They also work on sustainability efforts such as portioning out their meals in an effort to eliminate the food from being wasted. Additionally, they have an approach of reducing their carbon footprint (Hello Fresh, 2021). However, according to their website, they have meals to be served around dinner time. Not breakfast options or advertising them as lunch options as well.


Based on their prices, an average meet and veggies plan for a serving would be 8.99 plus shipping. While they have several other meal options and prices can vary based on the plan you choose and the number of servings ordered. The have a large array of options to personalize with, family friendly, calorie smart to even pescatarian to choose from.


Blue Apron


Focus on delivering meals to people by dropping them off on consumer’s doorsteps, contained in a box that is recyclable. They focus on delivering healthy meals to individuals who focus on a healthy lifestyle as well. Their ingredients come from “fresh produce, sustainable seafood, and exclusive spice blends” that are all curated with the customer in mind (Blue Apron, 2021). Much like other competitors in the industry, they mention their meals are designed to be served at dinner. Therefore, not offering options for breakfast or labeling them as lunch options. They have a focus on portion control to help eliminate food waste as well (Blue Apron, 2021). All of their ingredients that come in the box are also served on ice to keep everything from spoiling throughout delivery (Blue Apron, 2021). Therefore, if people aren’t home at the time of their delivery, their food doesn’t go bad. Much like some of their competitors, Blue Apron’s pricing starts out at seven dollars and forty-nine cents per serving (Blue Apron, 2021).  In looking at their meals per week, they offer different options for consumers to choose from.


Compared to others in the industry though, they offer twelve different meals for consumers to choose for that week to be delivered (Blue Apron, 2021). Their meals are also sub-grouped into either signature, vegetarian, healthy, or theirs an option for consumers to pick four meals, according to their website (Blue Apron, 2021). Additionally, they mention their meals are friendly towards those with pre-existing health conditions like diabetes. If consumers chose the four meal per serving options, those that have pre-existing health conditions don’t get that option. They would have to choose the two serving per meal, per what the website mentions (Blue Apron, 2021). The four servings per meal options include meals for those who focus on meals containing meat, fish, other meat options, and offer meals that are health conscious (Blue Apron, 2021). Whereas, the two serving per meal focuses on meals that offer meals approved for those utilizing programs like weight watchers, health-conscious meals, or the option to choose meals focused on pre-existing health conditions. Consumers have the option to choose either the two serving per meal or the four serving per meal. However, prices between the two vary. As mentioned, prior, the four serving option is eight ninety-nine per serving and the two serving option is nine ninety-nine per serving (Blue Apron, 2021).


They also utilize an app for consumers to subscribe to their services and order meals accordingly. Consumers have the option to cancel at anytime they wish and can even skip a week, much like what Hello Fresh offers (Blue Apron, 2021). Before meals are delivered three to five days in advance, consumers are charged (Blue Apron, 2021). They deliver their meals to consumer’s households seven days a week within the United States, therefore, giving the consumer’s the option of when to have their meals delivered (Blue Apron, 2021). Their meals are also focused on being organic, although are not certified through the United States Food and Drug Administration for being organic (Blue Apron, 2021). Blue Apron also offers other services outside of their food delivery kits and have the option for others to purchase personalized wine to be delivered to their door to pair with their food or to cook with (Blue Apron, 2021).

Blue apron has a great variety and seems to make higher quality meals. Blue apron gives you the options of mixes of meats in their signature plan, also vegetarian options along with wellness meals to help with dieting and having a nutritional balance. The prices vary depending on the package, but an average signature plan would be 9.99 per serving plus shipping.



Home Chef


Home Chef is another meal delivery service that prepares meals pre-packaged to consumers households, where they then cook it themselves. Home Chef offers 14 dinner options. Their meals focus on offering options such as being “carb conscious, calorie conscious, and vegetarian” (Home Chef, 2021). Dinners include at least one premium meal and at least two vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free options per menu (Olsen, 2020). While vegan meals are not prioritized, at least two recipes a week can be altered to be vegan. They have an option where customers can also customize their meals by adding meals, doubling meals, or swapping meals out for others (Home Chef, 2021). Much like others in the industry, they advertise their meals as being for dinner. The process starts out with consumers picking the meals they want. There are also suggestions Home Chef gives to consumers to choose from or they can select their own meals (Home Chef, 2021). All meals come pre-portioned when delivered to consumer’s and recipe instructions are included inside. Consumers have the option to cancel at any time or pause their account and skip weeks they wish to not receive meals. By doing so, they are not charged for that week. Home Chef offers different meals each week and offers different meal kits. Some of the meal kits they offer are meals that take only fifteen minutes, oven ready meals, grill ready, culinary perfected dishes, and entrée salads (Home Chef, 2021). Most of their materials are recyclable. There is also an app where all their services are available for consumers to pick and choose from.


Like others in the industry, they offer their meals as a way to cut back on the prices consumer’s pay from going out to eat or shopping at grocery stores. However, so far, they are the only one in the industry to offer their products in store as well. In terms of pricing, all they show is that their prices start at six dollars and ninety-nine cents per serving, which is lower in price than their competitors (Home Chef, 2021).

For Home Chef the average cost of a meal is 9 per serving. They don’t have as many meal plan options as the other competitors. They do offer a calorie conscious options and vegetarian specific meal packages.


Purple Carrot


Purple Carrot offers delivery kits to consumers doorsteps through the option of picking from two serving or four servings in each meal. They both are priced at $9.99 per serving for their dinner portions (Purple Carrot, 2021). For their breakfast options, they also offer four servings at four dollars and forty-nine cents (Purple Carrot, 2021). For lunch options, these are offered at two servings for eight dollars and ninety-nine cents per serving (Purple Carrot, 2021). They also offer the option of consumer’s purchasing plant-based snacks ranging from four dollars and thirty-nine cents to eleven dollars and ninety-nine cents (Purple Carrot, 2021). The option of different varieties in meals is offered to consumers every week to choose from. Suggestions are also offered to consumers who take a quiz to determine what dishes they feel would best serve their consumers to meet their needs (Purple Carrot, 2021). Chef’s choice, high protein, or gluten free options are available for consumers to choose from. For their dinner plans, two serving meal, consumers can order the same meal to use for three to four days’ worth of dinner throughout the week. Four serving dinner plans, consumers have the option to purchase them two to three time per week (Purple Carrot, 2021). Free shipping is offered to consumers and for first time customers they get a discount of their meal subscriptions (Purple Carrot, 2021).


Delivery times are on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesdays throughout the week (Purple Carrot, 2021). If customizing an order, only 3 extras can be added for those who opted for the two serving plans, and only one extra can be added onto the order for those that ordered four serving meal plans of the week (Purple Carrot, 2021). Purple Carrot also works on sustainability efforts in reducing their carbon footprint (Purple Carrot, 2021).


Purple Carrot is a more high end meal packaging service that includes several dishes with a lot of variety. They are the most expensive out of the competitors at an average of 11.99 per serving.


  1. Price


While our company has several variations in services, we aim to keep a steady price that is affordable and can be enjoyed for everyone. We will be offering an average start up price of $10 per serving for our standard signature meal plan for our meal plans and catering Our different meal plans and corporate catering options will be keeping the price at an affordable price while maintaining the highest of quality.  Keeping the average at $10 per serving will have us right there with our competitors’ prices and fits the industry market prices. While the food truck will be completely different depending on what is ordered.





  1. Promotional Goals


Brand awareness


Brand awareness is essential for Fresh & Natural, especially since we are a startup. One of the most effective ways to create awareness is through digital platforms considering we have a mobile app that connects us to our consumers to our services. The main target for the awareness program is to bring in a profit of 10% in the first four months.


As part of the brand awareness goal, we can create posters, videos, and advertisements across all social media platforms. With this, we will be able to reach a good number of people. However, given that reaching people does not translate into immediate customers, we need to make sure that the content we are sharing about Fresh & Natural has a broader reach because the more comprehensive the reach, the higher the number of prospective customers and sales. We can also incentivize the sharing of our advertisements, for example, creating a promo code that will allow them to order more food for less. That will encourage consumers to want to buy our products.


Given that Fresh & Natural is in Indiana, we can hold sampling programs for people to come and taste our food and buy them if they like it. We can introduce our healthy and natural foods in the market and encourage people to lean towards the consumption of Fresh & Natural nutritional meals by the end of the first month. We can also partner with other businesses which advocate for natural foods. By partnering with these companies, we will also be able to gain more customers.


Natural & Fresh can also provide personalized meals for our consumers. This will encourage more people to choose our products as their go-to nutritional meals. Everybody likes something made especially for them because it makes them feel understood and cared for. This strategy will also pull in new consumers and make us known in the food market.


Improve customer retention rates


As Fresh & Natural, we can improve our customer retention rates by sending them welcoming emails whenever they sign up. After customers are gotten through brand awareness, we must keep the consumers loyal to us, and that can only happen if we show them we care about them and their opinions. Feedback forms play an important role after a customer receives a service, which is the food and service delivery. The them that interact directly with the customers need to be trained on dealing with different customers to provide excellent service.


Given that the economic times are tough, we need to be customer-focused regarding the pricing and billing. High costs will make us lose customers, while meager costs will make the consumers question the quality of our foods. As such, it essential to maintain a reasonable balance between the demands of the consumers and the economy at large. Additionally, we can engage our consumers during product promotion; for example, we can make public the feedback we get from our consumers. We can offer rewards for the most loyal customer. We can also create promotions that will benefit the consumers and us.


  1. Promoting Services


In promoting services for Fresh & Natural Foods, within interstate 465, this is more designated to groups who will use the app for services. With this in mind, social media will be a huge presence in promoting our services to the demographics within this population. According to Macro Trends, within I-465, the population in Indianapolis as of 2021, is increasing at a growth rate of 1.44% (Macro Trends, 2021). As of 2020, there’s a large percentage of females living within the Indianapolis region surpassing males. This includes those living within and directly outside of Indianapolis and I-465 (Suburban Stats, 2020). Total female population in Indianapolis, as of 2020, was 424,099, and male population was 396,346 of the total population (Suburban Stats, 2020). Therefore, there was a total population of 820, 445 people residing in Indianapolis (Suburban Stats, 2020). Median age is roughly 34 years of age (Suburban Stats, 2020). Therefore, this includes those in the workforce, who may also work within the Indianapolis region.


Family led homes are what makes up the majority of the Indianapolis region, which is useful information in regards to preparing meals and being able to serve families in neighborhoods outside of interstate 465 through our food trucks. With the demographic information in mind, this will allow Fresh & Food to better understand the target market in which the company is offering services to and best practices to reach this target market through promotions.


With the median age in Indianapolis being 34 years of age, and the increasing use of social media from the millennial populations, the use of social media for promotion purposes would serve our company in a great way in terms of promoting services. According to Pew Research, the top social media platforms people utilize on a daily basis is Facebook at 70%, Snapchat at 59%, Instagram at 59%, Youtube at 54%, and only 46% utilize Twitter (Pew Research, 2021). With being a fairly new umbrella company, creating brand awareness is vitally important. With this in mind, for food truck deliveries, food trucks will travel to different locations within the Indianapolis region and the company will post on social media the location of the food truck, to encourage others to come out. With utilizing social media, the company could propose to those who try our products, that if they post a picture of their meal or a story detailing their experience of Fresh and Natural Food’s services/ products, they will receive a 10% discount on future purchases. This will also help in creating brand awareness without having to take a huge pay cut.


According to an article, they mention the benefits of social media use for businesses by stating, “social media can reach broad audiences, target specific groups based on location, many forms of social media are free for businesses and paid options are at low costs, communicate on a personal level to groups and individuals, inform others instantly by a post, and no need for purchasing high tech to get the companies message across.” (2020). Along with social media, the company will inform others of upcoming specials, menu items of that week, and inform others of the loyalty program the company offers after making so many purchases. With being a healthy food delivery company, locations for our food trucks will be suited at gyms, and fitness studios alike to reach the companies target market, who also put an emphasis on fitness and clean eating. Also, where a lot of traffic is, to reach as many people as possible in hopes of increasing word of mouth referrals about the services/products offered. However, products and services from the company will be offered to everyone no matter lifestyle preferences, regardless. In offering these services outside gyms and fitness studios alike, the company will also ask these centers to promote products/ services the company offers by handing out coupons to everyone.


In relation to promoting delivery services, social media will still be utilized in the same domain. In addition to social media being used for promotion purposes, to increase brand awareness and reach the company’s other target market, being groups and the working people of Indianapolis, working with other companies in promoting the services/products to start out will help. Especially catering purposes to businesses alike that may want to offer their employees healthier food options to appease all lifestyles/ preferences in their work environments for conferences, charity events, meetings, etc. For utilizing the company app, the first time, users will receive a request to subscribe to text alert notifications to their cell phones letting them know when we are in the area to make a delivery, and exclusive discounts and promotions taking place those on social media won’t have access to. For those who refer a friend/ family member to try our services by sending them an email through our app, by inserting their friend/families email on their own account, will be entered into a giveaway. Giveaways will include a free meal kit to one individual, who will receive a months’ worth of healthy meals from our company.


The distinctive appeal of Fresh & Natural Foods is the low prices, the different avenues of promotion, the company’s accessibility to its target market, and variety of services/ meals that the company offers that are unlike anybody else currently in the market.































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