Responsibility (CSR) Analysis using the CSP Model

MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 1 of 9
Instructions and Rubrics for completing a
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Analysis
using the CSP Model (Carroll, 1979)
MGMT 4345: The Social Responsibility of Business
College of Business Administration Sam Houston State University
Instructor: Christopher M. Cassidy, Ph.D.
1. General Written Assignment Information: Assignments must be well written, interesting,
informative, and demonstrate mastery of the course material. They must be crafted to be free of any
spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and problems in essay structure. Use the APA v6 writing style
guide for general formatting and to document your sources (in-text citations, and end of text
. You must thoroughly document all sources you use including printed, internet, video,
and interview sources. You are encouraged to use course readings as source material for your research
paper. You may cite the professor’s written publications but NOT the course lectures.
If you are unsure of your writing proficiency, or if I direct you to do so, you should visit the
Writing Center to get help with your writing. The Writing Center can offer assistance in the crafting of
assignments but they cannot offer help with content. I am willing to help you master course content
needed to complete these assignments.
2. Writing Expectations: My expectations for you are similar to those your employers will have
upon graduation. Employers frequently demand work with minimal explanation and ambiguous
instructions. Employers expect you to be able to craft letters, presentations, essays, and reports
without detailed instructions. Sometimes this is done inadvertently; sometimes this is done to test the
present level of your communications proficiency.
It is your responsibility, as the author, to ensure you compose writing that will meet the
requirements of the course assignments. You are expected to be able to perform the basic tasks related
to conducting research and crafting an accompanying piece of writing. These tasks include the ability
to: analyze your intended audience, state a thesis, determine the content and structure that will satisfy
your thesis, collect data to support your analysis, apply theory in ways consistent with academic
disciplines, make logical arguments, and draw conclusions. If you can do these tasks and produce high
quality writing for this class, you will likely earn a high grade. If you cannot do these tasks, I urge you
to get help with your writing because it will have an impact on your grade. If you can consistently
produce high quality writing in the workplace, you may be able to get and keep a managerial job. If
you cannot write effectively, an employer can always find someone else who can.
It is necessary to learn the course content and understand the subtle implications of the discipline in
order for you to have interesting and informative opinion about which you can write. If you are
confused about the purpose or content of an assignment, it is likely that you have not learned the class
concepts or thought sufficiently about how to apply the course concepts to the assigned topic. Many of
the assignments in this class require you to craft a piece of writing on an unstructured topic using
recently learned and imperfectly understood concepts. Interpreting the sometimes vague or ambiguous
instructions requires preparation and reflective thinking. You must figure out what you need to do to
complete the assignment.

I highly recommend the use of the APA style for the formatting of research papers. Copies can be easily found on the
internet. Be sure to use the option with in-text citations and end of text references.
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 2 of 9
3. Written Assignments Submission Procedures.
All assignments must contain your identifying information: name (or names for a team assignment
with multiple authors), course, section, team (if it is a team assignment), date submitted, an assignment
name or description, and a title (if applicable). It is the author’s responsibility to provide identifying
information. If your assignment does not contain sufficient identifying information, you will receive a
score of zero.
Deadline: Unless otherwise indicated, all assignments will be submitted to Blackboard by
11:59pm on the day listed in the schedule. The failure to submit assignments on time will result in a
score of zero. Any assignment submitted in a format that is unreadable will receive a score of zero.
If you are unable to submit the assignment due to a university problem with BlackBoard, submit
the assignment to the instructor by email before the deadline to demonstrate completion and then
submit the assignment to Blackboard no later than 24 hours after the original deadline.
I highly encourage you to verify uploads to blackboard (by opening and checking the file after
submission) prior to the deadline. If you make a mistake uploading a file before the deadline, resubmit
the assignment to Blackboard and alert me to ignore the incorrect file. If you detect a mistake after the
deadline, immediately send me the correct file by email. If I have not yet scored the incorrect
assignment, I will probably delete the incorrect assignment and allow you to upload the correct file.
There is nothing either of us can do once any assignment is scored.
Error Free Writing: For out of class writing assignments, no errors in spelling, grammar, and
structure are acceptable. Assignments with obvious errors will result in significant score reductions.
MS Word Format: Submit all written assignments in a MS Office format file (contact the
instructor for other acceptable formats). Each student should maintain an electronic archive of all
assignments completed and submitted for each class. The users of Apple computers must obtain the
appropriate software so that they can convert files to MS Office formats. If you cannot obtain
appropriate software, you are expected to use a PC computer. SHSU maintains PCs in most computer
labs. The use of Prezi (presentation software) is permitted, however you should coordinate with the
instructor for submission instructions.
Team Analysis Projects (only if applicable): Your instructor will indicate if a specific
assignment is to be an individual or a team assignment. If this is a team assignment, every student will
evaluate all members of their team on the Peer Evaluation (Peer Eval). I will use the Peer Eval to
identify and document individual effort in teams. Assignment scores will be adjusted upward for those
individuals identified as exceptionally good performers and downward for those identified as free
The submission of team assignments must to be completed by at least one team member by the
deadline. It is not required that every member to submit the team assignment. Please coordinate the
submission within your team so you know who will submit each assignment.
Instructions for CSR Analysis Research Projects
CSR Analysis Research – Topic Selection
Students will identify a topic and conduct original research on an issue, problem, or controversy in
the area of the Social Responsibility of Business. The instructor will approve the topic before starting
research. Acceptable topics will include each of the following characteristics:
1. Be focused on a single organization (or a homogeneous group of organizations, like an industry
or the firms facing a specific issue)
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 3 of 9
2. Involve a narrowly focused on a relevant “real world” issue, problem or controversy which
managers must address. Evidence that an issue is relevant and “real world” will be that the
student can find:
a. 3-5 news articles on the issue written within the last three years published by different
news outlets and written by different authors; or
b. two legal cases with the main decision focused on the issue written within the last 10
3. Highlight conflicts between at least two different stakeholder perspectives, each with valid
normative positions.
4. Be based on current events, such as news reports, that have occurred in the past 5 years
5. CSR Topics have the potential to make social impact by illuminating an issue, solving a
problem, or clarifying a controversy.
CSR Analysis Content Outline
A CSR Analysis generally will follow the following outline (p. 612, Carroll, 2018).
1. Thesis Statement describing the issue, problem, or controversy and what you intend to
accomplish by the end of your analysis.
2. The data and assumptions required to understand the issue: This section will be relatively long.
3. A detailed description of the Stakeholders, and their interests, that are affected by the issue.
4. The CSR Analysis: This will be the longest section in your paper.
a. Economic Analysis of the Issue
b. Legal Analysis of the Issue
c. Ethical Analysis of the Issue
d. Analysis of other factors related to the issue, firm, and stakeholders
i. Philanthropic firm behaviors indicating altruistic intentions
ii. The use of power, manipulation, or deception to achieve self-interested outcomes by
any of the stakeholders
iii. Analysis of human behavior, cognitive biases, and external constraints as predicted by
models from the fields of psychology, sociology, political science, etc.
5. Evaluation of the Preceding CSR Analysis: This section will be where you evaluate (judge) the
issue, the data, the stakeholders, and your CSR Analysis (parts 1-4) with the goal of
understanding the issue, choosing a side, or explaining the stalemate.
6. Recommendations for Management: This section will contain your detailed recommendations
for management for addressing the issue or controversy
The length of a CSR Analysis is variable depending on topic but is usually expected to be about 8-
16 pages of double-spaced text (excluding quotes, exhibits, citations, and references). A CSR Analysis
must include citations and a complete list of references to outside sources. As a rule of thumb, the
paper will be long enough to demonstrate the thesis. It is the author’s responsibility to both define the
thesis and determine if the thesis has been achieved. Since Cases are constrained in the quantity of
available data, a CSR Analysis of a Case tends to be shorter than a CSR Analysis of a real world
company, situation or event.
Researchers should expect that the information provided by stakeholders will be biased or distorted
in a way that supports their position. That being said, realize “there is at least little truth in every lie”.
You must evaluate the veracity of your sources, identify sources that are biased, and discount sources
that are biased by an amount that is appropriate to the distortion. While you should attempt to be
objective and balanced with respect to the analysis of the topic, I expect that your evaluation of the
topic will include your normative recommendations (to include your opinions and biases). You should
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 4 of 9
provide a persuasive rationale (including a discussion of the relevant facts and data, the underlying
assumptions you use, and the applicable theory and models) for your normative recommendations.
The mechanics of writing and research will be evaluated and will count for a sizeable percentage of
the score for the written paper. Mechanics will count for a minimum of 20% of your grade.
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 5 of 9
CSR Analysis Content & Mechanics Score Sheet
Evaluator: . Date: Summer 2020 .
Student: . Course/Team/Topic: .
Evaluation Criteria Evaluation Score
1. Issue: Identification of Major and Minor Issues -4- -3- -2- -1-
2. Information, Data, Assumptions and Theories -4- -3- -2- -1-
3. Stakeholders: Identification of stakeholder groups -4- -3- -2- -1-
CSR Subtopic Analysis
4a. Economics -4- -3- -2- -1-
4b. The Law -4- -3- -2- -1-
4c. Ethics -4- -3- -2- -1-
4d. Philanthropy, Politics, Psychology, Culture, etc. -4- -3- -2- -1-
5. Evaluation of Firm’s Social Responsibility -4- -3- -2- -1-
6. Recommendation to Improve Social Responsibility -4- -3- -2- -1-
7. Written Communications & Research Effectiveness
W1: Purpose or Thesis -4- -3- -2- -1-
W2: Content -4- -3- -2- -1-
W3: Organization -4- -3- -2- -1-
W4: Tone -4- -3- -2- -1-
W5: Word Choice -4- -3- -2- -1-
W6: Grammar, Structure, and Mechanics -4- -3- -2- -1-
W7: Style, Appearance, & Formatting -4- -3- -2- -1-
R1: Citations & References -4- -3- -2- -1-
R2: Use of Data -4- -3- -2- -1-
R3: Visual Presentation of data -4- -3- -2- -1-
R4: Quantity and quantity of data -4- -3- -2- -1-
Content counts for 80% of the assignment weight
Writing counts for 20% of the assignment weight
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 6 of 9
CSR Analysis2 Content Rubric
Instructor: . Date: .
Student: . Course/Team/Topic: .
Evaluation Criteria Advanced (4)
Proficient (3)
Underdeveloped (2)
Unacceptable (1)
1. Thesis: Identification of
Major and Minor
Clearly identifies and
distinguishes major, minor, and
related issues or problems.
Identifies and distinguishes
major, minor, and related
issues or problems. Any errors
do not detract from analysis.
Identification of major,
minor, and related issues
or problems is vague,
unclear or inadequate.
Analysis ignores major,
minor, and related
issues or problems.
2. Information, Data,
Assumptions and
Identifies relevant facts and
assumptions and can distinguish
symptoms from problems.
Makes minor errors in
identifying relevant facts and
assumptions, or in
distinguishing symptoms from
problems. Any errors do not
detract from analysis.
Identification of facts and
assumptions is vague,
unclear, or inadequate.
Analysis ignores
important facts and
3. Stakeholders: Identifies all major stakeholders,
stakeholder groups, and their
respective interests (stakes).
Identifies most stakeholders
and their interests. Any errors
do not detract from analysis.
Identification of
important stakeholders is
vague, unclear, or
Analysis ignores
Subtopic Analysis
4a. Economics Clearly identifies the economic
costs and benefits to both
customers and business related to
primary issue or problem.
Explores economic motives and
incentives that underlie the issue
or problem.
Identifies the economic
constraints related to the
primary issues or problems.
Economic discussion is
confusing or ambiguous.
Economic issues are not
addressed or treatment
is cursory and

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2 Carroll, A. B., 1979. A Three Dimensional Conceptual Model of Corporate Social Performance. Academy of Management Review, vol. 4(4): 497-505. The version I
require you to use is slightly different from the version on page 612 of the textbook. I switch the order of parts 1 and 2 to be more consistent with the structure of
research papers.
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 7 of 9
Evaluation Criteria Advanced (4)
Proficient (3)
Underdeveloped (2)
Unacceptable (1)
4b. The Law Clearly identifies the legal
constraints related to the primary
and secondary issues.
Identifies the legal constraints
related to the primary issues or
Legal discussion is
confusing or ambiguous.
Legal issues are not
addressed or treatment
is cursory and
4c. Ethics Clearly and persuasively
discusses the ethical perspectives
that are relevant to the primary
and secondary issues. Examines
ethical responsibility from the
standpoint of all stakeholders.
Discusses the ethical
perspectives that are relevant to
the primary and secondary
issues. Examines ethical
responsibility from the
standpoint of at least two
Ethical discussion is
confusing or ambiguous.
Ethical issues are not
addressed or treatment
is cursory and
4d. Philanthropy,
Politics, Psychology,
Culture, etc.
Discussion of relevant
philanthropic actions provides
insights into strategic mindset of
Discusses any relevant
philanthropic actions. Minor
omission and errors do not
detract from the analysis.
Philanthropic discussion
is confusing or
Philanthropic issues are
not addressed or
treatment is cursory and
5. Evaluation of Firm’s
Social Responsibility
Analysis describes the successes
and failures of the company’s
Analysis describes the
successes and failures of the
company’s managers. Minor
omission and errors do not
detract from the analysis.
Serious omissions result
in an evaluation that lacks
plausibility or is
otherwise biased.
Evaluation is ignored or
treatment is cursory and
6. Recommendation to
Improve the firm’s Social
Recommendations balance a
broad range of business criteria:
are consistent with good business,
sustainability, and ethical
Recommendations are
plausible and reasonable.
Recommendations do not
logically follow from
Recommendations are
one-sided, biased,
illogical, inadequate, or
Adapted from CSR Analysis Guidelines provided in Carroll and Buchholtz (2014). Business and Society: Ethics Sustainability and Stakeholder Management, 9e
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 8 of 9
Writing ACCOMPLISHED (4.0)
Purpose or
Writer’s purpose is readily
apparent to the reader and is
stated clearly
Writing has a stated purpose, but
may occasionally digress
Purpose is not clearly stated, nor is it
easy to find an implied purpose.
Purpose is generally unclear
and is not stated.
Content Even, balanced information
effectively supports a central
purpose or thesis and displays a
thoughtful in-depth analysis of a
topic. Reader gains insights.
Information provides firm
support for thesis and displays
evidence of a basic analysis of a
sufficiently limited topic.
Reader gains some insights.
Information supports thesis at times.
Redundant information. Analysis is
basic, general, or vague. Reader gains
few insights.
Neither purpose nor thesis
clearly present. Information
seems random. Analysis is
vague or not evident.
Reader is confused or
Organization Ideas are arranged logically to
support the purpose. Ideas flow
smoothly from one to another
and are clearly linked to each
other. Reader can follow
Ideas are arranged to support the
writer’s purpose, but order is
sometimes questionable. Ideas
are usually clearly linked to each
other. For the most part, reader
can follow line of reasoning.
Writing is not arranged logically. Ideas
fail to make sense together and are not
linked with topic sentences, segues and
conclusions. By thinking hard, reader
can most often figure out the line of
Writing lacks logical
organization. Reader cannot
identify a line of reasoning.
Logical structure insufficient
to support conclusions.
Tone Persona’s tone is consistently
professional and appropriate for
the audience and the purpose.
Fits genre and expected audience
for the genre.
Persona’s tone is generally
professional, but may have a few
lapses in fit or appropriateness to
genre and audience.
Persona’s tone is neither consistently
professional nor appropriate to genre,
audience, and purpose.
Persona’s tone is neither
professional nor appropriate
to genre, audience, and
Word Choice Word choice is consistently
precise, effective, and
appropriate to genre and purpose.
Word choice is generally precise,
effective, and appropriate to
genre and purpose.
Word choice is adequate, but range is
limited and some words are used
Many words are used
Inappropriate metaphors,
clichés and colloquial
Grammar and
Sentences vary in length,
structure; flow well; demonstrate
transitions. Writing almost error
Functional sentences. The few
errors present do not distract
from meaning. Up to 3 errors in
10 pages.
Confusing sentences. Numerous errors
distract reader. Up to 6 errors in 10
Sentence structure and
grammar errors so numerous
confused reader stops
reading. 7 or more errors in
10 pages.
and Formatting
Style, appearance, and formatting
is consistent throughout entire
paper. Use of style guide is
Style, appearance, and
formatting is generally
consistent throughout entire
paper with minor mistakes that
do not detract from overall work.
Use of style guide is implicit.
Contains obvious or major mistakes in
style, appearance, and formatting that
distract reader. Up to 6 mistakes in 10
Numerous mistakes in
formatting exceed 7 or more
in 10 pages.
MGMT 4345
© 2020 Christopher M. Cassidy page 9 of 9
Writing ACCOMPLISHED (4.0)
Citations &
Compelling evidence is given to
support claims. Attribution is
clear and accurately presented.
Consistently correct and
appropriate format of citations.
Evidence to support claims is
generally present. Attribution is
often clearly given. Minor
inconsistencies in format of.
Although occasional evidence is
provided, writer relies too heavily on
unsubstantiated statement. The reader is
confused about the source of ideas.
Many errors in citation format.
Evidence is not cited to
support claims. Citations,
quotes, and references
missing, not cited properly
or consistently. Retrieval
not possible.
Use of Data
Sufficient data presented and all
data logically integrated into the
main purpose of the paper.
Some data presented and
logically integrated into main
Data only occasionally integrated into
purpose. Extraneous data present.
No data or totally irrelevant
data. Plagiarized (will result
in an F on the assignment)
Presentation of
Visual data presentation:
compels attention, Is concise, and
is understandable.
Visual data presentation fulfills 2
out of 3 criteria.
Visual data fulfills 1 out of 3 criteria. Visual data fulfills none of
the three criteria.
Quantity and
Quality of Data
Excellent depth and breadth of
data collection
Sufficient depth and breadth of
data collection
Limited depth and breadth of data
Insufficient depth and
breadth of data collection

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